Mission Statement


It is the mission of TG Entertainment Live to provide the community with the finest family friendly entertainment, to foster local musicians, and to promote positive music in a quality performing environment.

Living With A Cause


TG Entertainment Live is proudly presented by Living With a Cause, an organization that promotes positive living in our community.


Is this a Christian Venue?

While we do dedicate a night entirely to gospel music, our venue is neither a worship center or a church. We welcome performers that play family friendly, G rated material, be it Christian or not. In the end, TG Entertainment Live exists to promote positive music, whatever the source.

What’s up with the shows during the week that aren’t SONGS or Friday Night Variety Shows?

Sometimes, a production company will come in and use our venue for their shows. We do our best to oversee these shows, insuring that they uphold the positive standard we have established here.

How many people can the venue seat?

The venue can seat around 250-300 people, with standing room close to the stage.

Can I rent out the venue for parties?

Yes! Our high definition projector is great for movie/video game parties. Please contacts us for details.

I know/am a performer that would like to play, how do I do this?

If you are a family friendly entertainer, please use the Online Application found at the bottom of the Contact page to apply.  We’ll get in contact with you.

How do I advertise with TG Entertainment Live?

Sponsorship is a great way to support our business and yours. Please Contact US for details.